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Fluval Sea Marine Salt

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Country of Origin : Italy
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    Shipping & Delivery

    Fluval Sea’s Marine Salt is a highly balanced formula containing enhanced calcium levels with natural trace element concentrations.

    A premium reef mix manufactured in the USA, Fluval Sea Marine Salt is a top quality reef salt with no unwanted impurities. It contains all essential trace elements, ensuring that corals, other invertebrates and fish benefit from only the best grades of macro and micro elements.

    Fluval Sea Marine Salt dissolves quickly and ensures crystal clear water conditions. It produces stable 8.1 to 8.2 pH levels upon mixing, achieving the right pH immediately, so there’s no need to mix and aerate for prolonged periods.



    Specific Gravity 1.021 | Dose 36 g/L | Salinity (ppt) 31.4 | Calcium (ppm) 425
    pH     8.1 – 8.3
    K       380 – 400 ppm
    Specific Gravity 1.023 | Dose 39 g/L | Salinity (ppt) 34.0 | Calcium (ppm) 460
    KH     2.9 – 3.5 meq/L or 145 – 175 mg/L as CaCO3
    Mg     1250 – 1300 ppm
    Specific Gravity 1.025 | Dose 43 g/L | Salinity (ppt) 36.7 | Calcium (ppm) 490
    Ca     460 ppm
    Sr      8 – 12 ppm


    Key Features

    • Fluval Sea Marine Salt is available in three convenient sizes:
      • 1.4 kg or 38 L (10 US gal) bag
      • 6.8 kg or 189 L (50 US gal) bag
      • 23.4 kg or 625 L (165 US gal) bucket
    • Fast-dissolving – establishes a natural saltwater environment quickly and easily.
    • Achieve ideal marine pH level (8.1 – 8.2) right out of the package – helps avoid coral stress during routine water changes.
    • Enriched Magnesium levels (1250 – 1300 ppm) efficiently absorbed by corals for greater growth potential.
    • High Calcium levels (460 ppm at a S.G of 1.023) for greater development and maintenance of strong coral skeletal structures.
    • Ideal Strontium concentration range (8 – 12 ppm) supports coral tissue growth and skeletal structure.
    • Unique small-batch production process – proprietary trace element mix for consistent results that are free of phosphate and nitrate.
    • Made in the USA.

    Quality Ingredients

    All raw materials in Fluval Sea Marine Salt are sourced under strict quality guidelines and systematically tested to ensure that every bag or bucket provides the same, consistent results every time you use it.

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    Fluval Sea Marine Salt

    Fluval Sea Marine Salt

    Rs. 470.00
    1.4 kg
    6.8 kg
    23.4 kg