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Aquatic Remedies BeneBacter Koi – 100 gm

  • Five species of beneficial bacteria specifically formulated for koi ponds with the new technology of encapsulation to ensure longer storage time
  • Formulated to apply directly in the pound and also in the filter bed/filter media/sponge
  • The most successive and effective bacterial strains effective against high levels of ammonia, nitrite and hydrogen sulfide
  • Encapsulated bacteria concentrate for koi

Aquatic Remedies BeneBacter Marine – 30 gm

  • The polyunsaturated fatty acids provide greater disease immunity to marine fish
  • The added vitamins minerals and essential amino acids make the fish more healthy and improves the growth rate
  • The slow sinking pellets are suitable for all marine fish
  • The high-quality Peruvian fish meal supplies an easily digestible source of protein

Aquatic Remedies Easy Mature – 100 ml

  • Contains millions of denitrifying bacteria
  • Detoxify toxic compounds and conditions the water
  • Matures new aquarium water quickly
  • Removes chlorine and chloramine in tap water
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Aquatic Remedies Rio Reh Marine Microlife S2 - 250 ml
100 ml
200 ml
50 ml

Aquatic Remedies Microlife S2 – 50 | 100 | 200 ml

  • Available in 3 sizes -
    • 50 ml
    • 100 ml
    • 200 ml
  • Contains liquid denitrifying bacteria
  • Biologically degrades uneaten food
  • Controls ammonia to nitrite and nitrite to non-toxic nitrate
  • Keeps aquarium water crystal clear

Aquatic Remedies Rio Reh Marine Microlife S2 – 250 ml

  • Works with the principle of bacterial oxidation and reduction
  • Degrades uneaten feed, fish excretes and all waste
  • Used as initial bacterial inoculum, and also for regular use
  • Contains both ammonia and nitrite reducing bacteria (Nitrosomonas and Nitrobacter sp)