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Aquatic Pro Glass Bubble Counter

  • Made of high-quality glass
  • Easily monitor the amount of CO2 added to your tank
  • Visually very appealing

Aquatic Remedies Anti-Bacteria Substrate Additive Value Pack Fertilizer For Planted Aquarium (Microbes+Keepers)

  • It is a concentrated form of microbes in a stable liquid media for the planted aquarium and it acts as a powerful enhancer of plant growth bacteria.
  • Green Microbes multiplies fast in the aquarium system and aiding to stabilize the aquatic plant growth and for fauna & also are the best colony formers in the water and also in the substrate.
  • It acts as the breakdown of nutrients hence the nutrients will be more bio-available.
  • It contains all-natural extracts to smoothly work on aquatic plant environment to regain their natural health & safeguard themselves against multiple diseases and germs.
  • It is an A great product to reduce Fern disease and Blue-Green Algae problems and also heals external tissue damage.

Aquatic Remedies BeneBacter Koi – 100 gm

  • Five species of beneficial bacteria specifically formulated for koi ponds with the new technology of encapsulation to ensure longer storage time
  • Formulated to apply directly in the pound and also in the filter bed/filter media/sponge
  • The most successive and effective bacterial strains effective against high levels of ammonia, nitrite and hydrogen sulfide
  • Encapsulated bacteria concentrate for koi