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Aroma Tree Dry Bath Cleansing Shampoo – 240 ml final

Aroma Tree Dry Bath Cleansing Shampoo – 240 ml

  • Aromatree dry bath cleanser is a perfect grooming, cleaning and freshening spray for pets
  • It eliminates the need for a wet bath and cleans away dirt, oil and sebum build up from the skin and hair
  • It is also frequently used to clean dirty paws
  • Ph balanced and allergen free
  • Soap free formulation
  • Contains anti-bacterial tee tree oil
  • Contains ethyl alcohol which eliminates bacteria
Biogroom Klean Kitty Waterless Cat Shampoo

Biogroom Klean Kitty Waterless Shampoo – 236 ml

  • No harsh chemicals, pH balanced
  • Tearless and mild
  • Hydrolyzed proteins and lanolin for coat luster
  • Leaves no irritating residue
Bio-Groom Kuddly Kitty Kitten Shampoo Tearless Conditioning 236ml & Savic Picnic Bowl Cocker 300ml

Biogroom Kuddly Kitty Tearless Shampoo – 236 ml

  • Leaves no residue
  • Tearless and mild
  • No harsh chemicals, pH balanced
  • Coat fluffy and smooth.
  • Maintains the pH balance of the coat.
  • Free from harmful chemicals.
  • Refreshing and Healthy skin.
  • Does not strip essentials oils.
  • No irritating residue.
Bio-Groom Purrfect White Cat Conditioning Shampoo 235 Ml

Biogroom Purrfect White Cat Conditioning Shampoo – 235 ml

  • Its a cruelty and soap free shampoo for your pet
  • Non irritating and high quality shampoo
  • It will not strip natural oils from skin and coat
  • Prevents your pet from dryness
  • Suitable for all cats
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Dry Cat Shampoo 200 ml

Flamingo Dry Shampoo For Cat – 200 ml

  • Gentle Waterless Cleansing - Refreshing
  • Waterless Shampoo for Cats
  • Easy Clean Spray for Cats
  • Cleans the fur and refreshes without the need to wet it beforehand
  • Aloe-vera, glycernine and chamomile provide luxuriant care for your cat's fur and skin