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General Medicine

Symptoms: Excessive itching, Constipation, Coughing, Decreased appetite, Excessive weight loss or gain, Foul-smelling breath, foul-smelling odour around the ears See more

Small animal medicine

Small animal veterinarians diagnose illnesses and other health issues in pets in general. They may also administer vaccinations, prescribe and give medicines, do surgeries, fix fractures, treat wounds, and put animals to sleep if they are terminally ill. 

Vet Dentistry 

Symptoms: Bad breath, Extra teeth or retained baby teeth, broken or loose teeth, teeth that are discoloured or tartar-covered, abnormal drooling, chewing, or dropping food from the mouth 

Emergency Medicine 

Symptoms: Injury, Bite wounds, bleeding, difficulty breathing, collapsing, choking, diarrhoea, or vomiting, excessive coughing, excessive drooling, heatstroke, injuries, severe allergic responses, snake bites, or trauma 

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