What are the Best Cat Toys for Your Cat?

What are the Best Cat Toys for Your Cat?

Cats are very sociable, and they need to regularly play and be mentally & physically engaged to be happy. At the same time, they can be very picky. Research has shown that cats vary in their preferences – both the types of toy they prefer, and how long they spend playing with it.

However, knowing of and being familiar with different types of toys for cats, will help you understand what purpose each solves & choose a toy according to your kitten’s needs & abilities. There are several different types of toys for cats and kittens, but in this article, we will look at how to choose the right toy for your cat.

Why does your cat need a toy?

Indoor cats who aren't well-managed might become rather restless. You may find “customized” claw marks all over your new vintage coffee table's legs. You already know that keeping indoor cats entertained, occupied, and out of trouble is no easy task. Your calendar may be jam-packed, but your cat has nothing but time on its hands.

If you don't provide them with it, cats will create their own interesting, engaging toys. This can be especially difficult if you're a first-time cat parent. 

How to know if your cat is bored?

According to cat experts, there are a few clear signs that might help owners identify their indoor cat's boredom:

1. There's a lot of grooming going on.
2. Your cat is napping quite often
3. Baiting or fighting with other pets are both examples of bad behaviour.
4. Excessive eating
5. Inconsistent behaviour.
6. Overall destructive behaviour

What to look for when shopping for cat toys?

Toys that give a feeling of hunting

Despite living alongside us for centuries, cats still have strong hunting instincts. When you watch a litter of kittens play, you'll notice that they're practicing hunting, jumping, pouncing, and trapping skills. The domestic cat is a predatory species, which means they hunt for their prey. Domestic cats, like their wild ancestors, are specialised solitary hunters. Since cats hunt alone, they can only grab small prey. Due to the small size of their prey, cats must kill multiple times in a 24-hour period to meet their daily energy needs. Since cats are specifically equipped to hunt for food, cat toys which give them a feeling of hunting can satiate their natural hunting instinct. Cat toys can give them a feeling of hunting so they will feel that they are hunting for their food even if you are providing your cat with the food. Their food and sleeping schedules may be disrupted if their hunting impulse is not satisfied.

Toys that are safe

Safety is just as important as fun when buying a new cat toy. All the materials and attachments should be safe for cats, and the toy should be constructed well so none of the components pose a choking risk. Don't be fooled by a toy's attractive appearance — while fluffy pieces and sequins may make it appealing, there's a danger your cat will get their claws hooked or swallow a small piece if it breaks off.

Something different

On some occasions, the best toy for your cat is simply the one that’s unlike anything else they have. Cats can quickly lose their appeal for toys, so keeping a range of toys is essential.. Keep an eye out for toys with some you know your cat goes for – like a noise or particular theme. For instance, If your cat used to enjoy a fishing pole toy but no longer does, try rolling a ball across the floor or using a motorized toy. 

Different Kinds of Cat Toys - Explained

Interactive Toys

What are interactive Cat toys?

These are toys that allow your cat to play with their toy while interacting with it. Interactive toys help in the development of your cat's brain while also giving them a workout.

An activity circuit: The Catit Design Senses Speed Circuit stimulates your cat's senses of sight, hearing, and touch, taking pleasure to new heights. Ramps for ball acceleration, higher tracks for a fast-paced exciting roller coaster element, and a motion-activated ball that lights up when it moves, are all included. Its bright design will spark your kitten's interest and help them meet their hunting, chasing, and exercising demands! The Catit Design Senses Speed Circuit is perfect for one or more cats to enjoy.

A Treat Activity Center: The Catit Design Senses Food Maze is the smart way to feed your cat. The different-sized tubes encourage natural pawing motions and daily activity by stimulating a cat's senses of sight, smell, taste, and touch. The food (or treats) is moved through the maze by the cat pawing at it through the side openings until it reaches the food tray. The Food Maze stimulates both mental and physical activity while appealing to your cat's senses of touch and taste. The Food Maze can be a useful tool to help with overeating or obesity problems by making your cat work for its food and measuring the amount of food added to the maze. It has many levels of difficulty to test your cat's abilities.

A Multipurpose Rug: The endless configurations are designed to keep your kitty from being bored. A mat like the Trixie Scratching Mat is ideal for playing, scratching, grooming, jumping, and sleeping. The rug's many holes allow multiple cats or kittens to stalk and play at the same time, and the non-fray design stands up to roughhousing and sharp claws.

A Chase Toy:   A toy that your cat can chase like the Trixie Wind Up Mouse Cat Toy  Stimulates the cat’s natural hunting instinct and Attracts the cat towards the toy. It's made of felt, it's safe for cats, it's long-lasting, and it's simple to use.

A Safe Wand Toy: Feathers, jingly bells, and other small objects commonly seen in wand toys can easily detach from the wand and injure your curious kitten. But, The Trixie Squeaky Playing Rod, is filled with catnip and shaped like a mouse, designed to give your kitten hours of safe chasing and pouncing fun.

A low effort Interactive Toy: Turn on this interactive wand toy when your kitten needs to play but you need to relax. Your kitty will be amused by moving lights and random motions as you sit back and rest. The Flamingo Laser Pointer does exactly this while being comfortable and durable.

        Chew Toys for Your Kitten

        What are chew toys?

        Chewing is a favorite pastime of kittens. Chew Toys can be chewed by your cats. Kittens, in fact, enjoy chewing! It is, in fact, one of the ways cats explore and play. You can notice your kitten biting on wires, shoes, or houseplants if you don't offer them safe chew toys.

        Catnip-Stuffed Toys like Beco Pets Freddie the Fish Cat Toy and Beco Pets Millie the Mouse Cat Toy are for catnip lovers. Cats love playing with catnip toys. Our active feline buddies return time and time again to chew, kick, and pummel the interesting fabric texture. This toy is double stitched for durability and packed with recycled plastic bottles to make it extremely soft and cuddly. 

        Squeaky Toys like Trixie Bird Latex can also be great for playful cats. 

         Our Recommendations 

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        Things to keep in mind while buying a toy for your cat

        When choosing toys for your cat, keep these questions in mind.

        1. Is this toy created by a legitimate brand with ethical values?
        2. Are there any small parts in this toy that could easily break off during play?
        3. Is this toy small enough to put my kitty in danger of choking?
        4. Can this toy harm my kitten's delicate gums and mouth?
        5. Is there anything for my kitten to chew, snuggle, and chase?

        Important characteristics to look for include:

        Safety: Cats are curious by nature. They will play with, throw around, dismantle and do much more with a toy they fall in love with. Choose toys that are fully seamless, with no little or pointed removable parts that your cat could get hurt with or swallow by mistake.

        Durability: Look for toys that are sturdy and durable. If your cat is quiet and peaceful rather than aggressive, toys may last much longer.

        Shape: The shape of the toy may encourage your cat to engage in more of the activities that they enjoy. For example, a toy shaped like a mouse might attract your cat more by stimulating their hunting instincts. Or a toy with feathers dangling on one end will simulate a prey and keep your cat engaged.

        Sound: When the toy moves, does it chirp, cheep, flutter, or crinkle? The inclusion of sound greatly enhances their delight during playtime.

        Treat Holder: Consider a toy that is also a treat holder for extra enrichment if your cat is food driven and prefers catnip, kibble, or other small treats. 

          How to Understand if a Toy is the right choice for your cat

          Your ideal indoor cat toys for stimulation, fun, and engagement will be decided by your cat's personality. You can find out what your indoor cat's main interests are by watching them exercise and playing with some sample toys. Laser pen lights, stick toys with dangling fur or feathers, and treat balls are all good examples of sample toys to try.

          Keep an eye out for the following signs to understand which kind of toy they like:

          1. Your cat leaps up in the air to catch a certain toy.
          2. The cat repeatedly pounces on or around the toy.
          3. Following a catch, your cat "carries" the toy in their mouth for a bit.
          4. The cat is simply OBSESSED the toy.

          How many Toys should you buy for your Cat?

          1. When your cat is alone, choose one or two toys that are designed for solo playtime.
          2. When you're at home, choose one or two toys that are designed for interactive play.
          3. Pick at least one toy that has a treat section for catnip or kibble, etc..
          4. Make sure the toy isn't too big so that your cat does not feel like a prey rather than predator. The toy should be small to give the cat a feeling of hunting.
          5. To avoid scaring your cat, make sure the sound type and level on any sound toy are appropriate.
          6. Spending a lot of money until you know more about your cat's genuine preferences isn't a good idea.
          7. To ensure some early interest and engagement, present one toy at a time and be creative in how you introduce it like mimicking prey movements.

          What toys should you avoid buying for your cat?

          Many of the products that people consider to be traditional kitten toys are also among the most hazardous. Playing with string, ribbon, yarn, and rubber bands is entertaining, but they can be dangerous if swallowed. Because cats' tongues are covered in backward-facing barbs, it's tough for them to spit out string, yarn, and other similar objects if they consume it. If swallowed, such long particles tend to move lengthwise through the intestines. They can cause the intestine to fold up like an accordion or turn in on itself like a sock. This is a life-threatening medical condition that is typically treated with surgery.

          Fishing pole toys (a flexible rod with a string and a toy at the end) are entertaining, but they should be kept out of reach while you're not there to watch.

          Also, avoid toys with strings, yarn, ribbons, feathers, or plastic eyes or ornaments for your kitten. Plastic eyes and noses were placed on several fluffy mice on the market. These could be chewed and swallowed by the kitten. Remove the eyes and nose before giving the toy to your kitty if you buy one.

          Polystyrene beads, nutshells, and beans should not be used as stuffing in soft toys.

          Remote-controlled battery mice toys are entertaining for both of you, but don't leave any equipment with batteries where your cat might be able to remove the battery.

          Kittens adore playing in paper bags, but make sure the bag isn't in a place where someone might walk on it without realizing there's a kitten inside. Also, don't let your kitten play with plastic bags because they like to chew and swallow it.

          Balls and toys that are small enough to be inhaled or eaten should not be used. Ping pong or practice golf balls (with holes) are a good size and weight for cats. Place the balls in a confined environment, such as a bathtub, for the most fun. Alternatively, hide one in an empty tissue box for your kitten to find.

          Catnip does not seem to bother kittens under the age of six months, so wait until they are older to introduce it.

          Your hand isn't a toy at all! As tempting as it may be to wiggle your fingers and have your kitten lunge for them, or to engage in a mock fight with your hand against your kitten, this is a dangerous habit that will make you look like a cat attack victim as your cat matures.


          Your kitten enjoys playing and gets a lot of energy from it. Cat toys are an excellent way to keep your kitten active both physically and mentally. Toys for the kitten come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Wands, puzzles, and catnip toys are examples of these types of toys.

          Throughout the day, cats engage in a variety of activities. Indoor cats are unable to hunt in the same manner as wild cats. As a result, these Cat Toys provide them the ability to live. These Cat toys allow you to communicate directly with your pet. This article discusses the Best Cat Toys. As a result, you'll have a clear understanding of which one is ideal for your kitten.

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