Monsoon Pet Care Guide for Dogs and Cats - Quick Pet Care Tips

Monsoon Pet Care Guide for Dogs and Cats 

It's essential that you keep your pet safe while it's raining. Monsoon is the season when humidity, rains and heat can all be a problem for your furry friends. If you're having trouble taking care of your dog or cat during the rainy season, check out our helpful instructions on how to do so. Here are a few of our favourite professional recommendations for keeping our pets happy and healthy during the rainy season.

Why is Monsoon Pet Care important?

As you know, the monsoon season in India is the time when the weather turns into a torrential downpour. This can lead to several problems with your pets. When the rains come, your pets are going to need extra attention. Allergies, Dry skin, itchy skin, infections, water can get in their eyes, they may get diarrhoea or vomiting from the rain or even just from being sick, and they may be in serious danger from exposure if they’re out in the open. So, it’s important that you take extra care of them during this time so that they’re safe and well. Monsoon pet care is important because it is crucial to keeping your pets happy, healthy, and safe. 

Monsoon Pet Care  Tips for Dogs

  • Keep Your Dog Clean and Dry. Rains can often be acidic so you need to clean and wash your dog. Use light, chemical free shampoos & conditioners as you’ll be washing them more frequently than the rest of the year to clean them after every outdoor trip and protect their skin and coat from infectious diseases.
  • Check your dog's ears and coat for ticks or Pests as moisture can attract these and they will enter your dog or cats' ears or skin. The wet ground makes it easy for ticks and fleas to stay near your pets, hitchhiking from bush to bush. Ticks can transmit Lyme disease, ehrlichiosis, anaplasmosis, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and tularemia while fleas can transmit tapeworms. 
  • Use an ear cleaner like Tropiclean Alcohol-Free Ear Wash to Clean your Dog's ear or use Vet's Best Natural Spot On Flea Repellent to protect them from fleas.

  • Give your dogs a fiber-rich diet and boiled water in the rainy season. Boiled(and cooled) water can help prevent an itchy or sore throat during the rainy season and protect them from water-borne diseases. Since it is raining outside, it is likely that your pet will not get exercise and will be at home. Adding fibers to their diet can ensure that their bowel system remains unaffected.
  • Protect their Paws: Your dog's paws come into touch with the ground, exposing them to dirt as well as disease-causing viruses, bacteria, and other microbes. Shoes/boots can be used to protect the paws. You can also use Trixie Paw Care Spray For Dogs  to protect their paws and keep them moisturised after every wash with 
  • Create a secure space for your pet where they can go to in case of lightning, thunder or even heavy rain. It makes them relieve stress & anxiety that come with loud thunder & lightning. 
  • Use protective rain gear for your pets during outdoor walks or vet visits. Trixie Lorient Dog Raincoat helps keep their coat from getting wet and carry infections and boots help their paws from becoming breeding grounds from muddy paws.
  • Infections: If you're taking your dog for a walk, stay away from waterlogged areas because that increases exposure to dangerous mosquito bites. They should also be aware that walking on grass may expose them to tick infections.
  • Having regular grooming practice includes nail clipping, ear cleaning, and frequent dental examinations. This will ensure their safety.

  • Monsoon Pet Care  Tips for Cats

  • Keep your cat dry and warm. Since temperatures drop fast and dramatically following summers, keep your cat dry and warm. Verify that your cat has easy access to dry and warm areas in your home. It's also crucial to keep your pets dry if they've been outside in the rain. Keep a few soft, clean towels available to pat your pet dry when they come inside after being outside.
  • Choose the right bedding. During the monsoons, floors and walls might get cold, so maintain dry rugs, mattresses, and bedding in several locations throughout your home where your pet can comfortably sit or sleep. When choosing the correct bedding for your pet, choose something that will keep it warm like the Trixie Minou Cuddly Cave Bed. Make sure your pet's bedding is kept dry. Damp bedding promotes the growth of harmful germs, reduces your pet's immunity to infection, and is overall uncomfortable.
  • Keep their fur clean. Cats, unlike humans, keep a lot of moisture in their skin and fur. This can result in a number of different skin infections and diseases. It is recommended to keep your cats clean and bathed on a regular basis, but definitely not too much. Consult your vet for the proper frequency of bathing your cat. Bathe your pets with a trustworthy antibacterial conditioning shampoo like M-Pets Cat Disinsectization Shampoo and warm water, and be sure to pat them dry with a soft towel after.
  • Use a Fibre rich diet. An infestation of worms could result in diseases such as general debility, anorexia, or anemia. A high-fiber food like Versele Laga Lara Adult Indoor Cat Dry Food should help your pets maintain a healthy metabolism and avoid indigestion and worms. Stagnant water can induce gastrointestinal diseases in addition to attracting germs. It is recommended that you boil the water that your pets drink to remove any contaminants. Make sure the plates, bowls, and containers your cats use to eat and drink water are clean as well.
  • Clean Nails and Paws: The health and cleanliness of your pet's paws are critical, as filthy paws can cause a number of illnesses. Every time your pet enters the house, clean their paws with warm water and a clean cloth or Trixie Paw Care Spray For Cats. The dirt accumulates in the nails as well. It's a good idea to trim your pet's nails with M-Pets Nail Clipper before or during the monsoon season.
  • Laziness: Because the monsoon might make your cat sluggish, it's critical that you play with them and keep them active, or they'll end up with severe issues such as obesity, aggression, dep.
  • Anxiety: During the monsoons, it's natural for your pets to feel down and depressed - and the weather is to blame. During this season, cats typically display signs of grief and detachment, so it's crucial to spend time with them, cuddle them, and give them small treats for everything they do.
  • Keep them safe. Thunderstorms, lightning, and heavy rains can be frightening for your pets, so don't leave them unattended or outside when the weather predicts storms and showers.

  • We hope that this article was helpful in ensuring the health and safety of your pet. These are our suggestions for providing excellent monsoon care for your dog and cat. Our store carries all of the products mentioned in the article. Check them out and have them delivered quickly and safely to protect the safety of your pet. Check out our other items, such as oral care, bedding, collars, and treats. We provide the best customer service in the market and a huge variety of pet products at unbeatable prices.

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