Guide to Grooming your Cat or Kitten

Guide to Grooming your Cat

It is natural for pet owners to love their pets. They do anything for their pets, whether it is buying them gifts or feeding them regularly. One of the most common ways people care for them is by grooming their pets at home. Grooming at home needs to be done from day one. If you don't do so, it will be too late when your kitten grows up. Their nails will need clipping, and their coat will need brushing and much more. 

Now, grooming your cat at home can be a daunting task, but it can be a joyful and exciting experience for both you and your cat with the correct information. In this article, we will go through the different needs of cats and how you can help your furry friends out with some grooming. 

When should I groom my Cat?

Remember how parents clean their children gently so that they enjoy and don't get irritated? The same technique goes with the cats too. Grooming your kitten doesn't only mean just cleaning your cat. It should be full of fun as well.

You'll first need to make your furry friends get used to it. Hence, schedule your cleaning time when both of you are relaxed and in a good mood. 

Start with small sessions as they can get irritated in the initial days. Hence, keep your sessions short and slowly increase the grooming period once they habituate this.

How should I Brush my Cat?

Yes, brushing is the best way to clean your furry angels. It not only removes dirt, dead hairs, and dandruff but also increases blood circulation

Start brushing your kitty from your head and slowly move toward the tail. Remember, always brush in the direction of the furs. Otherwise, it can make your cat feel uncomfortable. 

But, what if you have a cat with long fur? You'll need to work a bit more for such instances. They need daily brushing with more care. Whereas brushing twice a week is considered enough for cats with short fur.

How should I bathe my Cat?

You'll yourself get to know if your cat needs a bath. For instance, if they smell bad or feel sticky or oily to touch, it's time to take them for a bath. 

Use a shampoo specially made for cats are follow the steps below:

1. Brush your kitty and remove all the dirt or dead hair from its body.

2. Take some amount for pleasant warm water to bathe them. Remember, never bathe your cats with too hot or too cold water. 

3. Use your hand, gently make their body wet. Always avoid their ears, faces, and eyes from getting wet.

4.Take some shampoo in your palm, and rub them with very soft hands from their neck to tail.

5. Gently wash the soap back, and dry them with a soft and a bit warm cloth.

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    How should I trim my Cat's nails?

    Clipping your kitty's nails always becomes essential if we are speaking about grooming them. You should trim your kitty's nails regularly. Otherwise, untrimmed nails for a long time can result in an unwanted curl of the nails, which can cause pain. Other than that, it can also let them make scratches on furniture and walls. Hence, it's essential to trim your cat's nails regularly. 

    Now, clipping your kitty's nails can be irritating for them. They may not find it safe and react. Hence, before trimming out their nails, play with their feet for some time. This will make them feel secure. It will take a couple of weeks; they’ll get used to it and start accepting the trim.

    Here are the steps you should follow while trimming your kitty's nails:

    1. Slowly press the fingers so that the nails emerge, and you can easily trim it out. 

    2. Go with the nail cutters only made for cats and keep a styptic powder aside. 

    3. Now slowly trim out the whiter portion of the nails. Keep in mind to never cut out the pinkish part as that contains blood. 

    4. If you mistakenly cut out the pinkish part and start bleeding, use the styptic powder to stop bleeding quickly. 

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      Final Words

      Grooming your kitties is as essential as bathing is necessary for you. And, it's a very daunting task if you are doing it for the first time. Your cat might not accept the trim of nails, or they may not get inside the water for a bath. Hence, take time, make your grooming period full of fun and make them enjoy it. If sometimes your cat is not in the mood, don't force them and try after some time. Within a couple of weeks, they'll indeed accept the groom.

      Furthermore, if you have any issues regarding the above points, we would love to answer them in the comment section below. 

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