Beagle - Everything To Know About Beagle


1. Introduction
2. Basic Overview
3. Pointers to Skim Through
  • Space, Big or Small
  • Tolerance Level
  • Working Individual/Living Alone
  • Work from Home and Beagles
  • Weather Conditions
  • Family Members
  • Compatibility with Other Breeds
  • Unannounced Guests
  • Beagles and Cleanliness
  • Frequent Vet Visits
  • Food Habits
  • Walking Habit
  • Home Needs
  • 4. Why a Beagle?
    5. Personality and Behaviour
    6. History
    7. Physical Overview
    8. Care and Health
  • Vet for Life
  • Care in a Nutshell
  • Perfect Weight
  • Precise Health Problems
  • Food Habits
  • Fur and Skin
  • Ear Hygiene
  • Body Hair
  • 9. Ultimate Conclusion


    When it comes to choosing a new pet dog, most of us are abundantly confused. While social media has made each of us doggo experts, choosing the right four legged companion is still a tough job.

    Choosing an animal to adopt or to buy can be overwhelming. Especially if we do not have the right information. But still, the happiness that these godsend creatures shower in our normal life, is something which is indeed priceless.

    In order to make this journey easier for you, we connected with the country’s top veterinary students to help us collect all the right information one would need to have while deciding on a new pet dog. A decision that's as important for you, as it is for the life you are bringing home.

    Our focus today would be on one such breed of a dog, whose size is compact, speed unmatched, ears long and brain, super fast! These are some fluffy bundles of joys, with a simple intent to make you happy in their own unique way.

    Yes, we are talking about Beagles.

    Basic Overview:

    Beagle - Sleeping

    When you think of a Beagle, what comes to your mind?

    Small. Naughty. Goofy-looking. Companions. Compact. Fluffy. Soft, and various other adjectives. We would love to tell you that Beagles are everything you just thought of, and so much more.

    The inherited nature of this breed is fun loving and extremely friendly. The manner in which they show their love is unprecedented and non-stop, making them a perfect match for your kids or even other family members. They might be skeptical about it initially. But they will definitely turn around once the dog enters their lives as well.

    Great with senior citizens, they are also awesome with kids of any age. They demonstrate the same with their childish tantrums, and are super-charged to a point where they would definitely lighten up your day with their adorable charm.

    Talking about the historical aspect, Beagles originally come from a long and ancient line of Hounds, who are famous for their excellent smelling capacity. Once they catch a scent they like or are curious about, they will forget the world around them and would follow that trail till the ends of the earth, if ever possible.

    Mainly, they were bred in older times as farm-dogs, using their smelling power to point out the hunt for the day, actively partnering up with their owners to go on the same hunt. Their strong sense of smell was and is still used by many legal authorities throughout the world.

    With the actively growing dog industry, Beagles are one of the most excellent home-fitted dogs. Their size is a huge advantage for people living in small spaces, and still want to experience the joy of owning a dog.

    Having said all that, as they come from the line of Hounds, Scenthounts to be precise, they can be a little stubborn to train. Look, we are not saying that it’s impossible, but a good challenge should always be appreciated. Patience would be the biggest factor you will experience while training them. When they are finally trained, they will follow your command to the exact point.

    However, it should be noted that stubbornness would only be reflected while training. The rest is just dependent on the amount of love you can give them. We think in this area, there can never be a problem with Beagles.

    Pointers to Skim Through:

    Coming to the small stuff that actually has a BIG impact on our daily lives (just like our little beagles) that’ll help you in this journey of choosing the right doggo for your home.

     1.  Space, big or small.

    When it comes to Beagles, do not make a natural impression that a small size would suffice in a compact space. While it’s true that Beagles do not require a big backyard, they do need their own personal space. They have all the qualities of a good apartment dog, to an extent that you can watch them grow as a personal family member. In simple words, a personal corner for them would be great!

     2. How Tolerant are they

    By tolerance, we hope you are not thinking about doing some questionable things, right? Well, of course not. It’s a valid question. Beagles are not very tolerant  when it comes to keeping them in line. In simple words, they have a rather selfish tendency. They do as they like. So, if you try to distract them or even disturb them, their reactions might be something of a handful. Not a fatal one, but something way less than that.

    3. I am a Working Individual, and I Live Alone

    If you are absent from your home for the majority part of the day, then you might want to reconsider getting a Beagle. Beagles are really heartfelt beings. They are at their best when surrounded by people and at their dullest when everything around them is absent. Sure, they are not required to be pampered twenty-four seven, but if left alone for a good part of the day almost every day, then Beagles might attain a sense of loneliness, which would not be good for their mental health. Keeping them busy with a chew toy, or even a squeaky toy, or any material thing which has a reaction, so that they are kept busy is highly recommended.

    4. Work From Home and Beagles

    Beagle Puppies

    Working from home is the new normal these days. As a result, work of most nature is executed at home, in front of a screen. It can be stressful and cumbersome at times. Having a Beagle around while you are working would be the best way to release such stress. While having them as puppies would require some effort to calm them down and pamper them, a grown Beagle would be a total delight. Your companion would make itself comfortable around you, while you work.

    5. Brisk/Cold Weather; Caution.

    Beagles are mostly comfortable in chilly weather. But if the climate in which you live is almost chilly for the majority of the time, then you might want to consider getting overalls or jackets for your companion, so that the harsh weather is always pleasant for them. Plus, it makes them look stylish and cool at the same time. Who doesn’t want that?

    6. Do I have to Worry About Other Family Members?

    Not at all. As we have mentioned previously in this blog, Beagles are the best companions. They are the most friendly beings in the world of Dogs. Your other family members, including kids of small ages, would have nothing to worry about. They will always have someone to play with, to make them smile! The Beagle would always feel included and happy too! It’s actually a win-win situation. Go for it!

    7. Beagles and Other Breeds, together?

    Affection towards humans is completely different from the affection a dog shows towards its own kind, be it of different breed or the same. It actually depends on the kind of childhood the dog had and also the amount of time the dog had with other dogs. In terms of such affection, again, Beagles are fully capable of being friendly with your other Dogs. In fact, you can play with them with toys such as a ball or fetching toy, which would initiate a good relationship between them.

    8. Unannounced Guest. Worry?

    When we say Beagles are the most friendly breed, we mean it to the core. A stranger is no exception to this awesome quality of a Beagle. Although, it's a slight worrisome point in terms of security, but other than that, you can invite your newest friend or the neighbour who never sat foot in your place. You will immediately see how your Beagle showers his/her love on them too! Beagles are just the best!

    9. Cleanliness is My Thing. Would a Beagle be any deterrent to it?

    When you are a proud owner of a dog, a certain amount of dog-hair becomes a proof to your personality of showing off to the world that you have a four-legged companion, without even mentioning it through your words. So, when it comes to Beagles, the said amount of dog-hair is medium per say, but only when you take good care of your doggo, and his/her overall skin and body care. Just like humans crave good hygiene and cleanliness for a healthy lifestyle, a dog is also required to be exposed to such hygiene and cleanliness.

    10. Do I have to Worry About Frequent Vet Visits?

    Beagles generally live a healthy life naturally.  It all depends heavily on the type of environment they are living in, the type of food they are getting, the overall exposure in terms of attention and the love they recieve. Remember, a dog is a bundle of joy, but it’s a living thing with a working biological body of its own. Sure, sometimes your Beagle might get sick here and there, but it's definitely nothing to worry about beforehand. This breed is mostly capable of adjusting themselves in a familial environment. Some common ones are Ticks, which are very common in dogs, but can be very well prevented with a good range of tick-repellant sprays, creams and medicines, all available here. For starters, a good doggy-comb is the best investment!

    11. Food for Thought, or for Dogs

    This is rather a complicated one. But for starters, there is a general list of what food is a BIG-NO for any dog, let alone Beagles. Some of these BIG-NO’s are - Alcohol, Avocados, Chocolates of any sort, Coffee or Caffeine, Citrus, Coconuts, Grapes, Raisins, Milk and Dairy products, Nuts, Onions or Garlic, Salty Snack Food, Processed Food, etc. Don’t worry, an all inclusive list, with the requirement of every single Breed of a dog is easily available online, and can be consulted over on a call with your designated Vet. The list above is also a BIG-NO for Beagles too. And if there is still any confusion left, then you can order dry and wet dog food tailor made for Beagles here.

    12. Walk the Dog, But How Much?

    Beagle Couple

    Beagles are a super-active breed. Needless to say, the amount of exercise they need should also be vigorous. So, you have to clear out at least a half-an-hour, two times a day, slots, to walk your Beagle. It is the ultimate time to bond with your Beagle and let him out in the world. You will literally see your baby meandering through different smells and scents! For starters, we strongly recommend putting your Beagle on a Body-Harness so that they are in control initially.

    13. Home Needs

    a. Sure, we have established so far that Beagles are a fairly easy breed to pet. Let’s take a step by step look at what they will exactly need on a daily basis.

    b. As a puppy, Beagles would need some Mats or Beds, which they can recognise as ‘their own space’.

    c. Then, there is another important thing, like Scoops, which would be used to clear any mess made by your Beagle in the initial days.

    d. Feed-Bowl, which would be used to give them their food respectively.

    e. Another important, and the most crucial thing would be the most basic element of all, that is water. Instinctively, beagles prefer drinking from running water instead of stagnant water laid out in bowls for hours. While you can also choose to refresh the water in their bowl every few hours, automatic water dispensers also help in keeping the water fresh and removing contamination at all times. .

    f. You would definitely need some Training Pads, which would be used to train your Beagle, in terms of teaching them where to relieve themselves. These are the basic accessories for a dog which a dog owner should get privy to.

    But Still, Why a Beagle?

    Beagle Puppy

    Still confused? Feeling overwhelmed after reading everything above? Still wondering, ‘why a Beagle, and not anything else?’. Well, you are not alone. We understand how important it is for you to make a final decision in terms of getting a dog in your life. It would indeed be a companion for life, so why not get your head, fully around the choice of getting a Beagle.

    We will try to set everything straight, with the least possible technical jargon.

    For starters, it is impossible to resist the Beagle’s hazel coloured fur, their goofy and apologetic eyes. The way they look at you is priceless. Their long and soft ears are their unique selling point. They are happy, fun-loving, hyper-active, determined, focused to love you at all times, and most of all, would be companions for life.

    Another special thing about them is, as they come from the line of Hounds, their vocal output is slightly different from any other dog you might have imagined or had seen before. When they are in need of any attention, they howl almost like a fox! Just imagine having that in your life. And don’t get any negative idea about it being annoying or disturbing, but imagine it as a melodious sound, which your unique Beagle possesses.

    Another point of importance is their power of smell. When they catch a scent, different from their surroundings, they tend to follow it till the end. Keeping this in mind, it is a delight to walk them outside, and seeing their magical nose at work. This is one of the reasons why Beagles are heavily used in Airports, across the United States of America, to sniff out the narcotic substances and other illegal things. Beagles are just wonderful creatures.

    Training them can be a bit hard, compared to all the other breeds, as they are very famous for their stubborn nature. But when a stubborn being is trained to perfection, then your command would be obeyed to the point. They would follow it till the end, with the actions associated with it as you taught them. Training them is a beautiful experience, and would give you a satisfied feeling of a proud dog owner, especially when you will get the joy of telling your family and friends that you have a fully trained Beagle. Their expression for the same would be priceless.

    Therefore, up till now, you must be adequately convinced about getting a Beagle. Now, let’s take a look over their personality and behavioural traits.

    Personality and Behaviour at a Glance:


    Here are some quick points about Beagles and their personality traits. See, if they match your requirements of the type of dog you are looking for -

  • Beagles are an active breed. They are required to be entertained, either by your presence, or by the presence of some toys. If such distractions in terms of attention are not present, then they might be aggressive, or even bored to a point where they might get intentionally lazy.
  • A Beagle’s howl can be a treat to the ears of their owners, but might disturb the neighbours in the said vicinity. So, if you are planning to get a Beagle, then be prepared to control their barking or howling. This is ultimately a part of a Beagle’s training, and the distractions they are equipped with. Everything’s connected.
  • This point might feel repetitive, but is the most crucial one. Beagles are hard to train. If you embark on a journey to train them in a certain way or for some specific action, then your patience would be heavily tested. The results of a successful trained Beagle are exceptional. But to reach that point can be an arduous process. So, be prepared for that.
  • Their noses are their world. The scents around them are the trails which are waiting to be explored. Having said that, keeping an eye on your Beagle, when they are outside, would be important. They can literally wander off to an alien trail, if the scent is fascinating to them. Of course, if you have them on a Body Harness and a Leash, then this is a moot point.
  • When it comes to food, Beagles are very protective of their meals. So, when they are indulged in the process of eating out of their Food Bowl, or any designated area of their meal, then you might want to keep a distance. Also, keep any child you might have, at a distance too. Their reactions would not be fatal, but would definitely be a negative one. So, keep a look out for that.
  • Lastly, Beagles do not come under the category of Guard Dogs at all. Their friendly nature is showered to anyone entering your home. Even strangers!. So, if you are thinking of keeping a Beagle at home for security reasons, then you might want to change your choice, as Beagles are super-friendly.

  • History at a Glance:

    Now, if you are a History nerd, and is interested in the actual origins of this breed, then here are some pointers for the same, purely historical:

  • The origin of the word "beagle" is uncertain. It's thought that it may have been derived from the French word begueule, meaning open throat, or from the Old English word beag, meaning small.
  • The breed's history is cloudy as well because breeds as we know them today didn't really develop until the 19th century. Greek documents from 400 B.C. describe Beagle-like dogs, and the Romans may have brought small rabbit-hunting hounds with them to England and bred them with the local hounds.
  • William the Conqueror reportedly brought Talbot hounds (now extinct) to England during the Norman Conquest in 1066. These dogs are thought to be the ancestors of the Beagle and the Foxhound. So as a result. Beagles became extremely popular in England. So much so that this breed was actually the size of a human hand at those times, getting the famous name of Pocket Beagles, which was exclusively kept by  Elizabeth I (1533 - 1603), who stood only 9 inches tall. These small dogs were depicted in paintings as short-legged and pointy nosed. They were used for hunting, but quickly fell out of favor because they weren't very fast.
  • Then, starting In the 1700s, fox hunting became popular in England, and the Beagle fell out of favor as the larger Foxhound became the dog of choice. If it hadn't been for the farmers in England, Ireland, and Wales who continued to keep packs to hunt rabbit and hare, the breed might have become extinct at that time.
  • At about the same time, American breeders started importing Beagles from England to improve the looks of their own dogs. Many of the English imports were bred to an average height of 15 to 17 inches at the shoulder so they could hunt foxes. American breeders started breeding them to be smaller for rabbit hunting.
  • The American Kennel Club and the first Beagle specialty club both were founded in 1884. In that same year, the AKC (American Kennel Club) began registering Beagles.
  • Finally, In 1916, five members of the National Beagle Club purchased 508 acres in Western Loudoun County, Virginia for the purpose of holding field trials. The men who purchased it formed a corporation called Institute Corporate to purchase and own the land, then leasing it to the Institute Foundation that maintains the property for the National Beagle Club, which today is the site of many activities of the National Beagle Club.
  • This was the historical ancestry of Beagles. Sure, the breed has seen their ups and downs, but have managed to thrive along their path and to keep themselves active in millions of people’s lives, showering love and joy through their adorable personality.

    Physical Overview:

    Beagle Old

    Their overall general personality is super-friendly and fun loving. Whenever you’ll come home, you will always find your loving Beagle, running towards you, and just wagging its tail in excitement to see you. Their love should always be rewarded with Treats, which are these small magical packages, every dog aspires to get, everytime they execute an action worthy of praise. This is how training is initiated for any dog. Needless to say, such treats can be easily found on our platform too! Check them out here!

     Talking about the general physical build of a Beagle, they are obviously, as mentioned before, from a group of Hound Dogs in terms of their origin.

  • They reach a maximum height of 13 to 15 inches in their lifetime.
  • Their weight varies between 9 to 15 Kilograms. Point to be noted here, is that such varied wright(s) is of a general healthy Beagle.
  • If you overfeed them, then both their health and weight might falter into a negative territory.
  • They have a lifespan of 10 to 15 years, again, adhering to good health, the maximum these guys can stretch is 15 years. So, this is the general life dynamic of a healthy Beagle.

  • Care and Health


    The health of a Beagle would be as good as the amount of care and attention you would give to them. Having said that, Beagles are slightly less prone to any major diseases or permanent health issues. But like any other breed, they are not perfectly immune to any short term disease. Some could be easily cured with medicines and creams, as per the nature of the disease and the active recommendation of the vet.

    Vet for Life

    A Veterinarian would become the most important person in your life, in terms of having a professional relationship, regarding your dog’s health.

    Just like you have a family doctor, to whom you confide in almost all the problems you have in your body, likewise, a dog is like your child, and for the same, you would definitely want to choose a Vet carefully. You would want to keep in touch with them, whenever required. Choosing a vet is not hard, with some general points being:

  • The vet should be nearer to your home
  • The calling hours should be flexible enough so you can reach out to them at odd-hours.
  • Once you choose a vet, the most important next step would be to keep the same Vet for your Beagle.
  • The reason is simple; once a vet gets accustomed to your dog from the beginning, your dog gets comfortable with the said Vet. So, in such a situation the Vet would be more experienced in your dog’s overall health, and at the same time, your dog would not hesitate seeing a friendly face.

  • Care in a Nutshell

    When it comes to caring, your attention would be the first thing a Beagle would ask for. After that, it’s all pretty much the same. Every action you initiate towards your Beagle, should be filled with love and care. Especially when they are in their puppy age. And with time, as and when your Beagle grows into a full grown adult in a maximum of 18 months, then you would gain a running or jogging partner!

    The Perfect Weight

    Also, Beagles are prone to obesity. So, when they do get to their golden age, the laziness would kick in, and your Beagle would become a veteran companion of sorts. In such times, do keep an extra eye on their food intake. Any extra food for them, might turn out to be the cause for obesity. Such care does not require any extra appendage of material things, but just a vigilant eye, to keep your companion at ease when it comes to food, and the amount which is being taken in. Simple.

    Precise Health Problems 

    Beagles like any other breed are also prone to health problems or diseases which could happen to any other dog. These listed problems are not only for a Beagle. But it is still good to have a prior idea about them:

  • Intervertebral Disk Disease: Basically, in this disease, the spinal cord is affected to such a point, where your dog starts feeling extreme levels of discomfort. Early signs can be seen by the behaviour of the dog. If your dog is behaving unusually, or is showing signs of pain when sitting or running, then you might want to consult your vet for the same. The treatment depends on the time, length and the amount of pain the dog shows. Surgery at the earliest is highly recommended.
  • Hip Dysplasia: it’s an inherited disease. In this one, the thigh bone is slightly out of place since the dog’s birth. Signs are discomfort and pain shown by the dog, while sitting or running or doing any kind of physical activity. Treatment is an early surgery.
  • Cherry Eye: in this disease, a useless gland-like structure settles at the bottom of the dog’s eye. This can be easily removed by the vet.
  • Hypothyroidism: in this, there is a disorder in the thyroid gland. This results in hair loss, lethargy, and other skin problems. This can be treated with medicines as prescribed by the vet, as early as possible.
  • Beagle Dwarfism: this is a condition where your Beagle might be smaller than the usual size. It is detected at birth and is not curable.
  • The above diseases are not something to worry about in extremes. Just like humans, these might or might not happen to your dog. It all depends on the amount of care and hygiene you provide for your dog. Other genetic diseases are purely dependent on luck. The point to note here is that if you feel that your dog is behaving unusually, then contact your vet as soon as possible. Early actions and diagnosis can be a life-saving step.

    Food Habits for Beagles

    Beagles are known to be the biggest food thieves. Once they start eating, they will not stop, unless the food is consumed to the last bit. So, the best tip is to give your Beagle food, twice a day and on fixed times. It develops a good habit for your dog. Never keep food in front of your Beagle 24x7. It will spoil their body and make them overweight. Just make sure that your Beagle does not become overweight, as this breed is prone to gaining weight quickly. To check the same, press your dog’s fur at its back. If you can feel its ribs without pressing hard, then your dog has a perfect weight. If not, then decrease its food intake. Also, treats in decent quantities are awesome for your Beagle!

    Fur and Skin


    Beagles might catch ticks. Ticks are basically these small insects, which might cause skin rashes, baldness, hairfall, hair loss, etc. Getting rid of ticks is really easy. Wash your Beagle once in two weeks, with a proper ticks-repellent Shampoo. Use ticks-repellant Body Sprays or Dry Baths too. These things help to keep such ticks off them.

    Ear Hygiene

    One other important thing for your Beagle’s health is their Dropped-of-Ears. Since they have long ears which are always in a dropped-off position, ear-hygiene is important for Beagles. Clean your Beagle’s ear every week. You can use a simple ear cleaning liquid (available easily at any Vet), with a cotton bud. Ear cleaning is an important part of owning a Beagle. Since the insides of their ears are cut-off from the outside through their long-ears, it is highly possible that an infection might happen there. So cleaning their ears as a weekly task is important.

    Body Hair

    Beagles do not shed that much hair. Their body hair is almost negligible when it comes compared to other breeds. A comb twice a day will help keep your Beagle’s hair in check. Also, as mentioned above, a bath twice a week and abundant sunlight would keep their furry-coat in high quality. These are basic tips to reduce their hair-fall.

    The Ultimate Conclusion:


    Now that you know everything about Beagles, we hope that you will make an informed decision. There are disadvantages and advantages of owning a Beagle. But it is the same story with all the breeds of Dogs. The most important question in the end is are you ready? Ready to take responsibility for a living being? It might sound overwhelming to think about it. But trust us, the experience is totally worth it.

    We at are here to help you at every stage of owning a dog. The above-mentioned information has been exclusively provided for you to make an informed decision about owning a Beagle. One thing’s for sure is that your every need for a Dog, would be readily available on our platform.

    Hope to see you again!


    Beagle Infographic

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